Tri Shutter Mini Album

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Today I Am Sharing With You An Mini Album With Its Locker Using The Heartfelt Creations Under The Sea Collection.Grab Your Coffee Mug And Relax On Your Rocking Chair And Enjoy My Long Post Which I Loved Making And Sharing With You Today.I Got Completely In Love With This Collection When I Saw It First,It Just Took Me Deep Into The Depth Of The Sea,Beauty Of Shells And Sparkling Corals And Fishes And The Never Ending Silences Of Seaweeds Along With The Soft Blooming Hibiscus.

 The Very First Thing That Came Into My Mind After Seeing The Collection Was Aquarium And Then I Decided To Make A Locker With Shadow Box With Aquarium For My Mini Album.I Never Made An Album Before With Shadow Box But Wanted To Give It A Try As It Was My Hidden Wish And Finally I Gave It A Try And I Am Completely In Love With Every Bit Of It.

Hope You Loved To Watch.


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"When buying from a 'Hand Maker' you are buying more than just an object, you are buying Hundreds of Hours of Failures and Experimentation. You are buying Days, Weeks and Months of Frustration and moments of Pure Joy. You aren't just buying a Thing, you are buying a Piece of Heart, Part of A Soul and A Moment Of Someone’s Life. Most importantly you are buying the Artist more time to do something they are Passionate About".

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