It's All About Organza Foamiran And My Organza Flowers

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Today In My Post I Will Share And Tell You About My Very Latest Love That Is Organza Foamiran. As You All Know How Much I Love Foamiran. So Today Its All About Organza Foamiran And Organza Foamiran Flowers And Last But Not The Least Will Also Love To Share With You All The Tips On Handling Organza Foamiran, Making Flowers And Also Will Try To Answer All The Questions  Related With Organza Foamiran.

So Before Starting  With It I Would Like To Thanks "Aditi Dadarkar" The Proud Owner Of "Dadarkar Arts" For Giving Me This Amazing Opportunity To Try My Hands  And Play With This Amazingly Fantabulous Organza Foamiran. 


Intro About Organza Foamiran


Organza Foamiran:-After Listening To Organza Foamiran You Would Have Lots Of Questions In Mind  And Will Also Be Curious To Know What Is Organza Foamiran, How To  Use It, What Can Be Done With It Etc Etc... Well, Organza Foamiran Is The Thinnest And Delicate Foam In The Line Of Foamiran And In Market Till Now And I Must Say It Is Too A Breath Taking Product As The Outcome Is Simply Amazing. Organza Foamiran Have All The Qualities Of Foamiran That They Are Durable, Non-Toxic, Washable, Can Be Used For Home Decorations, Jewellery Making, Well The Uses Are Endless. Organza Foamiran Is Available Only In White To Give Custom Effect To Your Flowers.


So Now Lets Start With The Question Round


How Organza Foamiran Looks And Feel Like


Well Organza Foamiran Is The Most Breathtaking Product In The Market. This Is The Most  Most Thinnest Foam In The Market. Organza Foamiran Comes In The Thickness Of  0.01 mm And Comes In The Size Of 50cm By 50 Cm. Organza Foamiran Is So So Thin That You Can Actually Look Through It. Its Quit Opaque And Transparent. Flowers Made Using Organza Foamiran Resembles Real Flowers As It Is So Thin As Real Flower Petal And They Even  Feel The Same When You Touch Them.

Organza Foamiran Feels More Soft, More Delicate, More Velvety When You Touch It. It's Bit Tricky To Handle It As It Is Very Very Thin But Once You Have Mastered It The Outcome You Get Is Mesmerizing. When I Made The Flowers With Them No One Judged Them As Artificial Flowers And Trust Me You Will Also Fall In Love With This Amazing  Foamiran Flowers.


How To Use Organza Foamiran


Well The First Point Is You Don't Need Iron For Organza Foamiran As This Is So Thin And Delicate But It Remembers All Its Shapes And Creases And You Can Even Work With Forms To Shape Your Organza Foamiran. You Can Even Work With Moulds But Need To Handle It Very Delicately As Little Extra Pressure Can Tear It Off. Lastly For Colouring It Use Oil Pastels And Wet Wipes As It Makes The Colour To Spread More Easily And Less Pressure Is Also Applied While Colouring Which Reduces The Chances Of Tearing. But If You Want Bright Colours You Can Use Dry Daubers But Use Less Pressure And Use Delicately.


Can We Make Different Flowers With Organza Foamiran And How To Cut Organza Foamiran


Well The Answer Is Yes You Can Make Many Different Shapes With Organza Foamiran And You Can Stick Them With Hot Glue Or Instant Glue And Yes It Is Even Easier To Cut Organza Foamiran Its Same As Youu Do With Other Foamirans Just Die Cut Or Handcut Using Templates And Scissors. I Personally Use Dies To Cut My Organza And Other Foamirans.


Can We Use Dies For Cutting Organza Foamiran And How To Use Dies


Yes Yes Yes You Can Use Dies For Cutting Organza Foamiran As It Is Very Delicate And Thin So Cutting It With Scissors Is A Big Task So I Personally Prefer To Use It With Dies Only And I Also Try Using Bold Shapes For Cutting My Flowers As It Give Shape To Stretch, Colour And Shape The Oraganza Foamiran.
Simply Take Your Organza Foamiran And Fold It In Minimum 4 Or 5 Layers As 1 Or 2 Layers Will Not Cut Fine As The Foam Is Too Thin And Then Place The Die On Top And Pass It Through Your Big Shot Machine And It Also Helps The Foam To Stretch A Bit To Work Easily And You Can Even Get Many Petals To Make Your Flowers. All The Flowers In This Post Are Made Using Heartfelt Creations Dies But You Can Use Any Brand Of Dies But With Bold Shape Dies.


Can We Colour Organza Foamiran


Yes, Of course You Can Colour Organza Foamiran As The Same Way You Do For All Foamirans. Personally, I Love Using Gallery Soft Oil Pastels As It Gives A Very Delicate And Natural Look To The Flowers Made With Organza Foamiran And It Even Merges Very Well And It Makes The Flowers Resemble To Real Flowers. I Also Used Pigment Inks To Color The Organza Foamiran It Was Also Good And Results Were Good Too But They Don't Blend Easily So I On Personal Level Love To Use Soft Oil Pastels As It Gives Soft, Vibrant, Delicate, Bright And Natural Look To The Flowers Made With It.


Material Used For Making Organza Foamiran Flowers


1:-Organza Foamiran In White
2:-Gallery Artist Soft Oil Pastels
4:-Flower Dies And Die Cutting Machine
5:-Anything To Prick A Hole In Center Of The Flower
6:-Hot Glue Gun
7:-Permanent Markers Like Copic Or Any Alcohol Based
8:-Floral Tape
9:-Floral Wires
10:-Wire Cutters
11:-Wire Or Thread Pollens, Beads Or Pearls For Making Centers 
12:-Wet Wipes, Sponge Daubers
13:-Ball Tools
14:-Foam Pad
15:-Anything To Enhance The Flowers Like Glitters Or Twinkling Dust


Steps For Making Organza Foamiran Flowers


1:-For Making Flowers Take Your Organza Foamiran Sheet And For Making One Flower Fold It In 4 Or 5 Layers.
2:-Now Take Your Die Place It On Top And Pass Through Your Big Shot By Doing So It Stretch The Foam A Bit And Also You Get 4 Or 5 Petals At One Pass.
3:-Now Take Your Wet Wipes Or Finger Daubers And Soft Oil Pastels Of Your Choice In Which Shade You Want To Colour Your Flower.
4:-Now Take Your Each Petal And Colour It From Center To Outwards And Front And Back Too And Repeat For All Petals
5:-Next Take Each Petal Curl It Delicately From The Tip Of Each Petal No Need To Apply Too Much Pressure Just A Little Pressure Will Make It To Shape. Now Stretch It From Center To Outwards With For Thumbs And Fingers To Open The Petals. Repeat This To All The Petals.
6:-Next Take Your Ball Tool According To The Size Of The Flower Or Petal And Also Take Your Foam Pad Or Any Kitchen Sponge, Place Your Flower On Top Of It And Press It Down From Center With Ball Tool This Will Automatically Give Some Dimension And Shape To Your Flowers Repeat To All The Petals.
7:-Now Take Your Flower Start With The Big Flower Put A Little Hot Glue In Center And Place The Second Big Petal On Top Of It As You Want To Shape Your Flowers Do This To All The Flowers And As You Go Up Glue Your Shorter Flowers.
8:-Now Once All The Petals Are Glued Down Take Your Ball Tool Again Put Your Flower On Foam Pad And Press It Down  From The Center To Give Fluffiness And Dimension To The Flower.
9:-Now Take Your Pricking Tool And Prick The Hole In Center Of The Flower Take Your Wire Or Thread Pollens Pass Through The Hole Put Some Hot Glue In The Center And Pull Down The Pollens Immediately And To Secure The Flower And Pollens More Put A Drop Of Hot Glue At The Bottom Of The Flower Too.
10:-Final Step Hold Your Flower With Wire And With Your Fingers Start To Fluff Up Your Flower Or Blow Little Air To Give Your Flower A Real Look.


Where Can We Use Organza Flowers In Crafting


Organza Foamiran And Flowers Being Soft, Delicate, Non-Toxic, Durable, And Washable It Can Be Used For Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Invites For Weddings, Decorating Album Covers, Decorating Journals, Decorating Dairy Coversetc... Anything You Can Think-Off.


Where Else Can We Use Organza Foamiran Flowers Beside Crafting


Well The Answer To It Is The Uses Are Endless And You Can Use It For Home Decor, Altering Projects, Candle Decorations, Curtain Bands, Hair Bands, Clips, Ruffles, Jewellery, Making, You Can Even Decorate A Door Wreath, Can Make Some Wall Hangings, Decorate A Photo Frame
Or You Can Simply Take These Flowers And Place Them In Some Platter Or Bowl And Use It As A Center Piece For Your Living Room Or Dining Table.


Where To Buy Organza Foamiran

In India Organza Foamiran Is Available With "Aditi Dadarkar".You Can Follow The Link Below To Visit Her Website For All The Required Stuff:-


Below I Am Sharing My Flowers Pictures Which  I Have Made With Organza Foamiran.

Hope You Loved To Watch.


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Hope You Loved To Watch.


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