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Annu here today I am here to share with you all my new project as a "Guest Designer" for "The Element Craft Studio" of "Rakhi Mittal" didi. It is a very proud movement for me and this movement have came into my life only and only because of Rakhi didi. Rakhi didi is such a wonderful person with an angle heart who has showered her blessings on me by appreciating my work and by giving me this wonderful opportunity to show my creativity with their beautiful products. Rakhi didi I thank you a lot from the bottom of my heart for this wonderfull opportunity.


Now a little about "The Element Craft Studio", they have a wonderful collection of MDF bases like every kind of boxes, trays, baskets, office table stationary stand stuff, home decor items, intricate decor pieces etc.. then they have chippes embellishments, sentiments then they have a beautiful collection of miniatures stuff for doll houses or shadow boxes for various themes and beside that they also have a beautiful scrapbooking pattern papers that come in 12 by 12 and 6 by 6 paper pack and lot more. For their whole range of products do visit their website link:-

Now a little intro of my project this time I have made a "3D Exploding box" based on baby girl theme and for my project I have used the beautiful paper pack named as "My Little Princess", wooden baby toys embellishments and beautiful 3d miniature baby crib from "The Element Craft Studio".Well, this project is very close to my heart as I have made it for my cute and adorable little niece who is about to turn 6 months old next month so I decided to make this box with mini waterfall albums for capturing all her beautiful memories forever.

As u see the box firstly you will see the outer look of the box the whole box is decorated by using the beautiful paper pack that I mentioned above, Next, u will see the decoration on the lid with beautiful wooden baby clothes hanging to dry with some wooden toys embellishments and other accessories. Next when u lift up the lid immediately the two flaps of the boxes fall down and two flaps are interconnected and u will see a beautiful miniature baby girl room inside the box with two mini waterfall albums on the front two flaps, all the inside of the box is decorated with the same paper pack and the mini waterfall album is also made using the same and the decoration stuff like the centerpiece baby crib and toys are all from the "The Element Craft Studio".Hope you all love my new creation.
























Products Used

  • My Little Princess Paper Pack

  • My Little Princess Motif Sheet

  • Wooden Miniature 3D Baby Crib  

  • Wooden Baby Clothesline Embellishment  

  • Wooden Baby Toys Embellishments

  • Bubblegum Accessories Toys

  • Baby Pink Satin Ribbon

  • Baby Pink Felt Fabric

  • White Net Fabric

  • Delicate Pink Lace

  • Small Half Pearls in Pink Shades

  • Sponge

  • Medium Weight Chipboard 

  • Double Sided Foam Tape

  • Double-Sided Red Tacky Tape

  • Acrylic Colour In White

  • Pearl Acrylic Paints In Pink, Sky Blue, Green, And Yellow

  • Hot Glue Gun And Sticks

  • Clear Drying Adhesive

  • White Cardstock

  • Pink Cardstock


Instructions For The Box


My 3D exploding box measures 6 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inch with lid. For the basic structure of the box lid I have used medium weight chipboard. For the box I cut 4 pieces of chipboard measuring 6 1/4 inch by 5 3/4 inch and 1 piece measuring 5 3/4 inch by 5 3/4 inch this will be the base of the box to which all the four sides will be attached and for the lid I cut the top measuring 6 inch by 6  inch and for the sides i cut the chipboard measuring 6 inch in length and height measure 1 inch.
      Next, I cut out some strips from the white cardstock measuring 1 inch and score it in half and joined all the 4 pieces with the base piece using the strips I also pasted the strips to all the edges of the 4 flap so the flaps are covered from all the sides. Next, I joined the two flaps together to make the walls for the room and left two flaps open. For the lid, I joined all the 4 pieces together and interconnect them with the top of the lid with the strips that I cut from the white cardstock.
       Next, I took the pink cardstock and cut out 8 pieces measuring 6 1/4 inch by 5 3/4 and 2 pieces measuring 5 3/4 inch by 5 3/4 inch and pasted them to all the flaps from outside to inside including the top and
down side of the box base. Next I took the white cardstock and cut 8 pieces measuring 6 inch by 5 1/2 inch then I took the acrylic green shade and distress all the sides of the cut pieces and pasted it to the flap from inside out leaving the base as for the base i cut out I piece from the pattern paper measuring 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch and glued it down to the base I also cut out a dollie from cherrylane die and pasted it to the base to give it a look of a carpet on which later will place the baby crib. Next I took the desired pattern papers and cut them all measuring 5 3/4 inch by 5 1/4 inch  and then distress the edges using acrylic pear sky blue shade and pasted them from inside out on the flaps as earlier. Till now the base is decorated. You can refer to the pics below for detailed view.


Instructions For The Mini Waterfall Album

Firstly I took a pink cardstock and cut it measuring 10 1/2 inch by 5 3/4 inch, Next score it at 2 1/2 inch, 2 3/4 inch, 5inch and 5 1/4 inch now fold it from all the scored lines and u will get a gatefold shaped card piece make one more piece in the same way.Next I took my favourite pattern paper and cut out 2 pieces from one sheet measuring 2.1 inch by 5 1/4 inch for outside of the gatefold flaps and did the same for inside flaps and for the center of gatefold i cut the pattern paper measuring 5 3/4 inch by 5 inch and pasted them down and also I fussy cut the exact  motifs from the motif sheet that where printed on the pattern paper that I have pasted on the front side of the gatefold flaps and then put some double-sided foam tape and place them on the top of printed motif on the flap of gatefold card. Next will make the flaps for the mini waterfall album for this I cut out 6 flaps measuring 4 3/4 inch by 4 inch now from the top of 4 inch score at half inch and fold it down so your one flap is ready do this to all the flaps. Next, I took 12 sheets of my favorite pattern papers as need to paste them on both sides of the flap and cut them all measuring 4 3/4 inch by 3 1/2 inch and distress all the edges with acrylic pearl yellow shade and once dried pasted them to both sides of the flap as desired. Next, I cut out 12 motifs from the motif sheet and pasted them on each flap by gluing them from one side making an opening from other side to make pockets for sliding in the photographs and tags. Next comes the closing part of the gatefold flaps fot that I have glued the pink satin ribbon on both the sides of the gatefold flap now simply tie a aknot and make a bow and for extra grip I have also added an magnatic heart shaped closure to Repeat the same process for making the second mini waterfall album for the other flap. Refer to the pics below for more detailed view.


Instructions For The Center Piece And Room Decoration


Firstly I  assembled my baby crib. Next I gessoed the baby crib from inside out and once its dried I sanded it to give a smooth look, then I painted the whole baby crib from inside out white paint and given shading of pink too. Next for making the beding for the baby crib I cut a piece of sponge and covered it with pink felt cloth and pasted it inside the crib.I also made two small pillows.
Next for making the canopy for the baby crib I took a fine quality white net fabric and cut it according to the desired lenght of the baby crib and decorated it with ribbons, bows, laces, half pearls, and miniatures.Now finally placed it inside the center of the box diagonally.
Next I made shelves with chipboard for the baby room and placed some toys. Next I placed a cute little miniature teddy bear in the baby crib with miniatures.Then I put some cute little toys. Lastly I put some toys in front of the baby crib, some around the baby crib and some lying beside the walls. So finally my "Little Princess 3D Exploding Box " is ready.


Instructions For The Decoration Of Lid


Firstly I cut out 4 banners saying "Oh MY Princess We Love You" and pasted it to the four sides of the lid, Next, I took the self adhesive strip of mini half pearls and glued it to the sides of the lid on top and low side of each sides plz refer to the pics. Next, I cut the pattern paper measuring 6 inch by 5 3/4 inch and pasted it on the top side of the lid,I also pasted floral lace on the side of the pattern paper on the top of the lid. Next I took 2 straws and cover it with baby pink floral tape and then with hot glue placed it at the desired space on top of the lid to make the stand, Next I took the wooden baby cloth line embellishment and pasted it on both ends to the straw,Next I made 4 small bows and glued them on each top both sides of the straw and on top of the straw I also added two small half pearls. Next, I took some wooden toys embellishments and other 3d toys and glued them below the cloth line as desired and lastly added some little pearls and colorful round acrylic dots for decoration so finally the lid is ready to place on top of the box. Hope I inspire you all this time too with my creativity. 



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