Album Made Using My Pattern Papers With Heartfelt Creations Pockets And Flipfold Inserts E and F

Hello Friends!!

Today I Am Sharing With You My Other Project Which Is An Album Made With My Custom Made Pattern Papers And Heartfelt Creations Pockets And Flipfold Inserts E And F. I Loved Creating Every Bit Of It And The Outcome Is So Pretty And I Am In Love With My This Ceation. Hope You Also Love It In The Way I Love Creating It. Enjoy The Pics.

Hope You Loved To Watch.


Thanks For Stopping By



"When buying from a 'Hand Maker' you are buying more than just an object, you are buying Hundreds of Hours of Failures and Experimentation. You are buying Days, Weeks and Months of Frustration and moments of Pure Joy. You aren't just buying a Thing, you are buying a Piece of Heart, Part of A Soul and A Moment Of Someone’s Life. Most importantly you are buying the Artist more time to do something they are Passionate About".

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